The Little Things…


It’s amazing to me, sometimes, the things you miss the most when you live abroad so far away from home. It always ends up being the little things that you take for granted in your day-to-day life. The little conveniences that make life easier and more comfortable are much more noticeable when you have to do without them for months and years. Things like the latest sitcom series on TV, or a pack of underwear from Target that actually fits are just simply not there anymore. I miss good indigestion causing Mexican food, amazing college football games on holidays, and the knowledge that your loved ones are just a quick call or drive away. It is these sorts of things that really stick out in your mind when you have the time to sit and reflect gazing up at the stars under the palms.


One funny thing though, I really miss the most is food. Food plays such an important part of our lives, and I bet most people never think twice when they are having that pop-tart in the morning or that slice of savory pizza with a cold beer. I sit here after a big Saturday night out with my friend, and what do you suppose I would have as a snack before I carry myself off to bed? After all, I do live in the far east and how popular is Thai food back home? So you might think i’d be looking at a steaming bowl of spicy noodles, or some other hot dish Thailand is famous for. No….In reality I sit here and eat a yummy Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich with an ice cold glass of milk to comfort me off to sleep. Don’t get me wrong, though! I do enjoy Thai food and I did have a bit of larb gai, somtum, and sticky rice for dinner. However, it is nice to slip into a bit of nostalgia once and a while by enjoying certain comfort foods from home. So the next time you enjoy your pop tart, or your ice cold beer I hope you might give a thought to those that do without.  It is a bit late here, so I’m not going to keep this post a long one.  I just want to wish everyone much love from Bangkok and hope you are having a relaxing weekend where ever this finds you!

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2 responses to “The Little Things…

  1. jetting back and forth to visit my californian ex, i used to make last-minute impulsive runs to cosco to pick up family-packs of pop-tarts, ziploc bags amongst other things to bring back to the orient.

    while that part of my life is ancient history, a walk down villa market’s aisles is a trip down memory lanes.

  2. Yes, I had the Villa in mind while I was writing this entry. Living around the corner from one of the branches definitely makes life a little more easier…specially when i get those cravings for pop-tarts!

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