Attetion Spans and Slasher Flicks…

So, It is Monday here on a very soggy rain soaked Bangkok afternoon and I thought I’d sit down and share a few lines for my readers today.  I finished up the last term at work last week, so the first day of my summer holiday has officially come.  I went to the gym today thinking I would attempt to start the holiday off right, but I went to my gym’s branch I hate with the locker room like a sardine can cause it is closer.  However, despite changing in a confined space, I did enjoy a productive session and even bumped into an old friend on the way out.

I was thinking about what I should write for you guys today and unfortunately I kept coming up with a blank.  I’ve just not been feeling that creative or chatty lately and I don’t want to bore you guys by writing just for writing’s sake.  However, I finally thought of a couple of things  I wanted to “put out there” for your consideration and see if I can get some comments back on the topics.  I’d like to get some feedback from you guys on my  blog as far as optimal length of a post. How far down do you read in a person’s blog before you start to get bored?  I have a couple of blogs I enjoy that only do a paragraph or so with each post, but I also enjoy some that go on like the chapters of a novel in progress.  So, what do you think?  What is to long or to short?  How long is the average attention span of an educated adult?  Just some food for thought, and I’d honestly appreciate your feedback and opinions.

Anyways, on to my second thought which is bound to be much more thought provoking.  My questions is…Why do people like gory, slasher type horror movies?  I absolutely hate them, and I’ve had this discussion with a very close friend many times.  We agree that we just can’t work out the mass appeal of blood and guts type works of film.  I made the huge mistake of accidentally sitting down and getting caught up in watching one a while back called Hostel cause one of the actors was quite cute.   It started out looking like one of those cheap 80’s “boobs and alcohol” teen flicks, but it went terrible wrong about half way through the film.  Suddenly, these silly backpacker kids are being abducted, slowly tortured, and cut up into bits all for your viewing pleasure.  I want to know what is the appeal behind seeing a fellow man or woman sadistically or slowly murdered and tortured?  I mean sure…If you are a disturbed serial killer or psychopath then the appeal is obvious, but what about the rest of you?  Now, I’m not that thick because I know that it isn’t real, and that it is all just a story…special effects….blah, blah, blah.  However, my question still stands.  Why would you enjoy a pretend version of a fellow human being being slowly, agonizingly, tortured to death?  I also would like to differentiate between slasher films and scary monster type horror.  I can see the enjoyment out of watching a scary ghost, monster, or evil alien type of film as some enjoy a good shock of adrenalin that comes with the scare.  However, I don’t include slasher films in with this genre.  I still want to know what is the appeal?  I know some of you guys out there enjoy movies like this, so I’m hoping someone can enlighten me.  Well, on that pleasant note, I’ll be off for now.  Hope you are enjoying the start of your week wherever ever you are and will talk to you again soon!

2 responses to “Attetion Spans and Slasher Flicks…

  1. Guess I should chip in a ‘few words’ before you start ‘ writing just for writing’s sake’ – hehe. I for one would not part from my hard-earned money to watch blood gushing out on a big screen. I might once in a while give in to one of those alien type movies – but I would trade it for a comedy (latest one I watched: Get Smart) anytime. My take on this is.. with all that’s going on around the world, why not take a short break and have a good laugh!
    Looking forward to reading your next piece.
    All the best!

  2. Hi May and thanks for stopping by. I agree with you In that I’d take a good laugh anytime over simulated carnage on the big screen. We see enough blood being spilled across the globe on CNN or BBC daily. I much prefer to see people laughing or having a good time enjoying life in some way. Thanks for the comment!

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