T.I.T. Podcast Episode 47: A Sunny Day in November (Vidcast)

Hiya guys!  I was sitting here thinking today that I hadn’t done a vidcast in soooooo long so I recorded a quick one when i had a spare moment at work today.  I sort of ramble on about what’s up with Tom at the moment, but that isn’t anything new to the Tom in Thailand is it?  Sooo….without further ado…..please give it a watch and comment, comment, comment!  Much love to you guys from the heart of Thailand and will put out a proper podcast soon!

Email me at tominthai@gmail.com, please go Comment on my page or call my voice line at 1-206-426-2152 and leave me a voice comment for the show!

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3 responses to “T.I.T. Podcast Episode 47: A Sunny Day in November (Vidcast)

  1. Really enjoyed the vid-cast. I think you look great! Of course, if I could send you my “Tony Little Giselle” machine that sits in my family room…I would. The only one who even steps foot on it is my skinny 5′ 8″, ballerina, who uses it more as a jungle gym than anything else (and is really the only one who doesn’t need it). I enjoyed seeing some classic kids books in the background – “Where the Wild Things Are” and “Green Eggs and Ham” – doesn’t get any better than that!!

    Sounds like you are settling in as much as possible in between trips to Bangkok. So glad you are coming back this way for Christmas – and with you partner too – that’s fabu!!

    Thanks for updating. I enjoy it even if “nothin’ is goin’ urn”.

  2. Hey Tom!
    Enjoyed your vid-cast… It’s been awhile since the last time you posted a vid-cast… Loved the open concept of your office, it’s just so lovely! Not like my dull typical cubicle office… yucks… haha!
    Looks like you are going to have a busy christmas this year and I’m so glad for you that you and your partner are going to visit your parents this christmas!
    Btw, you look fabulous and dont worry about your so called “put on weight” thingy. No matter what, we will still adore you!

    I will be looking forward to your nexy podcast!
    Take care and have a nice week…

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