I am not a plastic bag…


So, I was riding home on the BTS this afternoon after work sitting there absorbed in my ipod as usual, and mindlessly staring at the people in front of me clinging to the straps and bars as we hummed along.  Now, bear in mind that I’m just like a million other people on public transportation around the world in that I normally try to tune out people around me as I make my daily commutes.  However, today I noticed this trendy looking little Thai lady in front of me in lovely designer dress and fashionable high heels.  Well…actually not so much the lady as the purse slung over her arm.  She had this big dark leather purse with the words “I am not a plastic bag!” creatively stitched to the side of the hand bag to make it super trendy.

Ok, so never mind that it was a big purse made of leather and that it looked a tad tacky, because it was what she had in her other hand that amused me the most.  In her other hand she was holding 3 plastic shopping bags with 1 separate item in each of the 3 bags.  I sort of smirked to myself and had a little inner chuckle at this woman sporting this trendy “green”  designer bag in the name of high fashion, all the while obviously oblivious to the cause .  However, It isn’t just her because I’ve seen a disturbing new trend arise here in Bangkok lately.  Recycling has become the “in” thing to do and every where you look you can buy fabric shopping bags with trendy “green” slogans printed on them.  A friend of mine even bought one recently nicely sealed in plastic wrap and of course, put in a plastic bag at the completion of the purchase.  Why, even yesterday I popped into the Emporium Shopping Center here in Bangkok to pick up my new glasses and there was a mini “Save the Earth,” concert being held in the event hall.  There were shoppers all standing/sitting around with their styrofoam cups of tea and plastic shopping bags listening to musicians play in front of a screen cycling through pictures of glaciers, polar bears, and drought stricken villagers some where.

Now please don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for going ‘green’ and doing your part for the environment.  I like to think I do my own little things to be conscious about the issue like using public transport, walking up the flight of steps where I live instead of using the elevator, or refusing to let the bewildered  7-11 staff put each individual item I purchase in separate individual bags.  I honestly think it is an important issue in today’s world but something tells me someone here in Thailand has lost the point some where along the way.  I’ve got 3 words for you…education, education, education.  Just my two cents though, so I’ll get off my little soap box for now.  I hope everyone is having a great week thus far, and chin up as the weekend is almost here!  Till next time thanks for stopping by for a read.