T.I.T. Podcast Episode 41: Driving Me Crazy


•    Welcome to episode 41
•    Lazy days of summer
•    Occupying my time
•    Pattaya Passion forum
•    A driving we will go
•    Tom’s experience with the Thai DMV
•    Take a friend…NO REALLY…take a friend!
•    The 5 tests
•    The driving safety cinema experience
•    Parallel parking from the other side
•    I’m good for 5 years
•    Rent-a-heap is the next step
•    Should I buy a car?
•    A bad omen following the experience
•    Hit and run
•    A voicemail from Dean and Craig!
•    Saw the latest Harry Potter flick
•    A week to go till Oz
•    Tom + flying = anxiety attacks
•    Swine Flu panic in Thailand?
•    Lead medical school suggests sealing borders
•    Schools and internet cafes closed
•    Paper masks everywhere
•    What not to do when you wear a mask!
•    Closing remarks and love!

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