T.I.T. Podcast Episode 45: Liberal Fondue


  • Welcome to episode 45
  • Mid-term break
  • Back to Bangkok….and 6 AM flights
  • Tom in Issan
  • Quite country town of Udon Thani
  • More urban than Rayong
  • Tom’s nagging question about Issan
  • Staying with the in-laws
  • Height of the Monsoon season
  • Worst in 20 years
  • Flooding problems in Thai cities
  • Wading through water knee deep
  • Tom gets skittish around storms
  • Growing up in the south & tornadoes
  • Tom’s scariest tornado memory
  • Midnight under the pillows in the hallway
  • Life in the “Chang”
  • My first “Dutch” dinner
  • Have you ever had fondue?
  • Fondue makes me think of the movie Polyester
  • John Waters and his work
  • Hello to and a good question from Zachary
  • Would I recommend living and teaching in Thailand?
  • Do’s and Don’ts to think about…
  • Voicemail from the Dean in L.A.
  • Love to my listeners on the Facebooks…James, Ken, Andrea, Joe
  • Closing remarks and a rambling quick goodbye

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