T.I.T Episode 17: Muppets With Guns…


•    Welcome to episode 17
•    To busy to Podcast
•    Hope your Thanksgiving was good!
•    Holiday importance fades with distance
•    Tom has a cold
•    Saw the new James Bond and latest Vampire flick
•    Should characters evolve?
•    Is the world becoming harsh and cold?
•    Technological detachment from one another
•    Comments and emails
•    More Thai political mess
•    The definition of a Banana Republic
•    It isn’t as chaotic as the media says
•    Red vs. the Yellow shirts
•    Slingshots, sticks, and guns
•    Airport closures will devastate the economy
•    December is the peak of the high season
•    Would you travel across the world to be turned away?
•    Building a house on shifting sand
•    Closing remarks and love
•    Make sure you go comment on the blog!

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Sensationalizing the News…

Good morning, afternoon, evening or night depending on where and when in the wide world this happens to find you.  It is yet another steamy Sunday here in the big Mango and I thought I’d post a few random thoughts here for you today.  I sit here writing over my coffee and frosted flakes, and I’d like to send out a special “thanks” to you guys that sent nice emails lately.   I received some very sweet emails from a couple of my readers, and it is always special to me when I hear from you guys.

There is not much to update on concerning the politics here in Thailand since my last post.  A very large group of protesters have taken the grounds outside government house  as of Friday calling for the current inept Prime Minister to step down, and he is adamantly refusing as expected.  I mean if you’d been handed an entire country’s economy as your personal banking account would you want to give it up?  Anyways, one thing about the situation I would like address that has caught my attention is the misuse of certain English language vocabulary being used in the local English press.  We have read words like “seige” and “mob” being used to describe the events unfolding here in Bangkok again and again.  Words like these are being used to evoke images of violence and civil unrest.  However, A “mob” is a large crowd of disorderly or unruly people intent on causing trouble or violence.  There have been absolutely no “mobs” at any time during the protests, and the protesters have acted in a very polite and orderly fashion.  In true Thai style the protesters have been calm, peaceful, yet firm in their message.

Furthermore, the events that unfolded over the past few days can hardly be called a “siege.”  the dictionary defines a siege as when an enemy military force surrounds a town or building cutting off essential supplies with the aim of surrender for those inside.  The protesters took the grounds surrounding government house late Friday afternoon, but I can almost guarantee you that the various government employees that work there will travel to and from work tomorrow with little or no incident at all…including the current Premier himself.  This is not a “siege.”  I can’t help but think the local media is just trying to sensationalize the unfolding events, but then again this sort of padded reporting is the same in any country, including my own.

I don’t want to dwell on Thai politics to much for fear of the little men in brown turning up on my doorstep so I’ll move on.  As many of you already know, I’m facing my last week of being 33 because I will celebrate my 34th birthday on Thursday the 26th.  Birthdays for me get less and less exciting as the years roll by, and I’ve started reflecting on the state of things in my life as you do on birthdays.  I feel like I’m just not where I wanted to be in life at this point in time, as I expected to be finished with my degree already and starting a better job by this particular birthday.  Do you ever feel like life is just flowing by, while you are standing still?  It is just a feeling a have at the moment but in order to not sound like I’m whining I should and will close here.  I’m going to try to do something productive with my Sunday afternoon.  I hope everyone is enjoying the remnants of their weekends, and that the week ahead is productive.  Have a good one and I’ll write again really soon!