T.I.T. Video Blog 6: Tom’s Fear of Hospitals…

Just a quick update on my week and my trip to see the doctor today.  Didn’t really accomplish anything but tell me what i already knew (again), and now have to go back again next Monday to see yet another specialist qualified to stick needles in peoples necks.  So my anxiety has time to build a little more instead of an answer today with it being over.  The irony in all this is that 3 of my ex’s have been doctors…LOL!  Anyways, have a watch and will talk to you guys over the weekend.

T.I.T Episode 7: Fast Food and Creepy Foreigners

• Welcome to episode 7
• Comments, emails, messages…
Rebecca Nay, Paul Sprite, and Bang
• Tom discovered Stickam today
With a couple of cuties and the Cracked Cub, Power Gay, Spanking Bea Arthur
• Have you complimented someone today?
• My impending trip doctor and fear of needles
• Tom looks like he has he measles
• Thai music and videos
• No, I don’t eat Thai food every day
• My weekly fast food fix
• How do you eat a hamburger
• Annoying Thai sales associate habits
• Creepy looking foreigners
• Why Thailand attracts the dregs of society?
• Everyone here has a story….some good, some bad
• Our ongoing encounter with a Thai used car salesman
• Closing remarks and love
• Email me at tomnthai@gmail.com or comment on my blog please!

Also, don’t forget to go over and check out the other podcasts at the Rainbowpodsquad, cause Aj has invited me to come aboard. So I wanted to send out a some extra special loves and kisses to him for adding me…I hope I can do ya proud!

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