Night Lights…

So, I was thinking about a comment I got the other day from the dearest reader I have and thought I’d use the comment as a jumping off point for my post for you tonight.  This particular reader knows me perhaps better than anyone else in this world, and so I sit here now trying to connect the dots from my past to my hear and now.  I was a very fragile child growing up in some ways and one thing I never ever went without was my night light.  I was always absolutely petrified of the dark growing up and slept with a night light of some sort throughout the duration of my childhood.  A room with nothing but total darkness used to bring a feeling of absolute panic to me, and I guess I find it ironic that I grew up to be the kind of person to prefer the night.

My first real sort of full-time job I had in my late teens into my early twenties was one working 3rd shift or all night long.  I worked from early evening until morning for about 6 years straight and slept the day away 5 days a week.  I found that my senses awaken more and more as the evening progresses and I do my best thinking the later I stay up.  Even now, whenever I am on extended holiday from work I find that my sleep cycles always roll over to that same old pattern of staying awake all night and sleeping the day away.  I still do love the night, and that goes especially for the night time in big cities.  I love the humming glow of neon lights, and the atmosphere the night brings to a city.  I used to wait and work all week for the weekend to come along because I knew that I could go out partying and mix with others willing to dance the night away under flashing lights and the drumming sound of base against metal.

The lights of the city never go off.  Especially monster sized cities like Bangkok, New York, or London.  I find much comfort in that even as an adult and the desire to stay awake until the wee hours is still quite strong.  Perhaps that is one of the reasons why I’m drawn to big cities because I know that no matter where I live within the city that I’ll always have a night light.  Anyways, enough ramblings from me right?  I sincerely hope everyone is having a pleasant weekend and thank you so much for stopping by.  Talk to you soon!