A New Respect for My Podcasters…

Well, I’ve just spent to better of yesterday evening and all day today trying my very hardest to get the first episode of the T.O.T. Podcast created, uploaded, linked, CSS’ed, and RSS’ed correctly. I never realized how much time and effort goes into the whole process and I’ve really found a new respect for you guys that have managed to successfully get yourselves out there. I managed to get a 1st episode recorded after about 50 times of starting over, and it still managed to come out sounding terrible to me with sound cutting out, to loud, or just me sounding goofy. I signed up with an account at libsyn cause I know a lot of my favorite podcasters use them and managed to get the episode uploaded and deleted and then re-uploaded to them again .

So, there is a first episode of the Tom in Thailand Podcast floating around out there somewhere, but I’ve been trying all day today to link the podcast correctly to my blog page here without success. I’ve had to get up and walk away from the computer a few times out of frustration, as my anxiety levels started to go way up causing me to get more emotionally frustrated than I enjoy…hahaha! I even managed to get the podcast listed on the Itunes site, and if you go out and look it up on Itunes I think it should be there. At least it is for me when I check for it, anyways. However, either I have made a big mistake during the process or there is something wrong between libsyn and Itunes, because the first episode will not download from Itunes. Thus my desire several times today to throw my computer against the wall! <sigh>

Also, I was trying to correctly use the RSS in my CSS here to be able to download from my page here, and I guess I’m just not Meta clever enough to be able to create/add the right buttons to be able to link this page to my libsyn page. I never imagined it would be this difficult to undertake, but I guess that is one of the reasons why I’ve waited this long in order to attempt the transition from writing to speaking. Soooo….I guess I’ll just have to ask for help from you guys that have been at it for a while. Any advice? Any suggestions? I am open to any advice or suggestions and I can truly truly say any help would be appreciated. I’m going get away from the computer for a while now and watch some movies i think to de-stress and unwind my brain. So in closing….there is a Tom in Thailand episode one out there floating in cyberspace somewhere, but I unfortunately lack the clever mind to direct you toward the “Real Simple Syndication.” Hope to hear from you guys soon!

Murder in Paradise…


I read through some of my favorite blogs tonight, and surfed through the various message boards I enjoy to try and muster some idea to share with you guys.  I came across this news story on a message board I frequently read, so I want to start my entry today with a quote from an article that recently appeared in one of the big English language newspapers here in Thailand.  Brace yourself and read it slowly, then I’ll give you a bit of background following to catch you up to speed regarding this sad story.

Choochart played down the recent killings, saying, “I believe security in Thailand is better than in many other countries.” He also said that some of the attacks were occasioned by the behavior of the women themselves. Under a front-page photograph of a Western woman in a skimpy bikini, The Bangkok Post quoted Choochart as saying, “They tend to choose a quiet spot away from other people, take off the bikini and sunbathe. That’s when the attackers strike.”

Yes…you read that correctly.  This was a quote from a very high ranking officer of the Thai National Tourist Police regarding the brutal murder of a young Swedish tourist in the southern resort island town of Phuket recently.  The young lady was attacked and murdered on a public beach in southern Thailand.  The media here has bowed to pressure from the government to downplay this attempted rape and murder to counter warnings that embassies have issued to their citizens considering or traveling in Thailand.  I’m just going to have to say that the officer’s response to the horrible crime is sadly quite typical of the level of service one can expect from the boys in brown here.  I think that to blame the victim is appalling and sadly this is not the first crime of this sort that i’ve seen float through the news relatively recently.  Worse still, the murderer was caught, or I think actually turned himself in and his reason for killing this young lady was simply because she resisted the attempted rape.  That was directly from the mouth of the murderer.

Shocking isn’t it?  I mean, I never really thought much of the police, even at home, as it is a job i think bullies grow up to hold.  However, If a crime is committed or you find yourself being the victim of one, then the police are the first people you call, right?  I can honestly say that growing up I didn’t always like them, but I did respect them.  Would you ever even dare to slip a cop a bribe tucked into a piece of paper, while being pulled over for a traffic violation?  Would you ever expect to see a cop saunter into a business looking for a little “protection” money?  Sadly, these sort of things are so common here that no one ever bats an eye.

I remember walking down the street a while back with a close friend, as I needed to visit a suit shop to be measured for a suit.  We decided to have a cigarette as we walked down the sidewalk and passed a little police box on our way.  In passing the police box, my blood immediately began to run cold.  I had heard stories of cops on this particular stretch of sidewalk eliciting tea money from foreigners, and my anxiety levels shot up immediately.  Sure enough a little ways down I turned to see the cop crouched down peering at us from the edge of a building, like a gremlin waiting for sparrow to happen by.  Luckily, we ducked in the shop and disposed of the ciggies before the cop was any wiser.  It is just a sad state of affairs, and one wonders why most Thais barricade themselves behind high walls with broken glass along the top to protect their homes.  Who can we trust here to take care of us when things get bad?  Just my 2 cents I guess.  What do you think?