Have you heard this voice?

So was on the old “Facebooks” today and someone posted a link to this guy doing a version of “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.  I was curious cause number 1, Tom is secretly a big fan of 80’s music and number 2 I liked/like this song in particular.  Sooooo, i clicked on over to the Youtubes to see the video and Wow! was Tom impressed!  I must admit to listening to this several times today,and i’ve clicked around on Youtube to see more of this guy named Sam Tsui do an amazing job with several different songs.  Tom is now officially a fan!  Hope everyone is having a good week, and hope you enjoy his version of this 80’s classic as much as I have. :-)

The Boy has Talent…

So, I was just to way to lazy this weekend to sit down and record a podcast, but promise to do one Monday or Tuesday for you guys.  I’d been meaning to look for this video and song for a while now to share with you.  Normally, I’m not really a big fan of Thai music as a lot of it is honestly just krap.  There are a lot of singers here in Thailand that think a pretty face automatically means one can sing.  However, this particular artist’s name is “Wan,” which means sweet in Thai, and I really think he’s got a great singing voice.  I know many of you will not understand the lyrics, but have a listen and see what you think anyways.  I hope some of you guys will enjoy it, and you can sort of work out what is going on in the music video as it goes along.  The girl has gotten a bad bump on the head, which gives her bad amnesia.   Therefore, she can’t remember  the relationship they’ve had, and can’t remember being in love with him.  Anyways, enough of me for now and I’ll “talk” to you again in the next couple of days.  Much love to you for stopping by!